Inland 20

The I20 fleet at Indian Lake Yacht Club is very active. Not only does the I20 fleet have the highest participation rate in Club races, with 100% of the fleet having participated in at least one race, but on non-race days you will probably find many of us out sailing together just for fun.

 We also enjoy excellent off-the-water fellowship, with a very family-friendly and casual group of sailors. This is an excellent fleet for less experienced sailors who are interested in learning how to sail well in a relaxed, fun atmosphere. Many of the owners within the fleet have had little or no sailing experience before signing up. Those sailors who have extensive experience help the new people get up to speed with a minimum of frustrations. We also have enjoyed competing in regattas as far away as Texas and Florida, and have hosted our national fleet’s Championships two times at Indian Lake Yacht Club.

 Whether you are looking for a fun environment to learn how to sail a high-performance sailboat, or you already know how to sail and just want a fun environment to race and sail, the I’s have it! The I20 is a high-performance two-person racing scow with many high performance features. Available with a carbon fiber mast and bow sprit, and sporting a high performance but easily handled asymmetric spinnaker, the I20 can cater to the most demanding high performance sailor.

 Used boats are available at very reasonable prices, and Windward Boatworks in Wisconsin can provide new boats of excellent quality and value. Use the Contact Us form, Subject "I20 Fleet Captain" for a demonstration sail.

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