Friday Evening Dinner Club

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Dinners will resume when the State of Ohio allows social gatherings of more than 10.

 Stay Tuned.



(The I.L.Y.C. Social Events) 

One of the best parts of becoming a member of the Indian Lake Yacht Club might just be the social events that highlight the season.

     As if the sailing isn't enough, there is  the Interlake sailors' steak dinner that usually begins the season social scene, the Highlanders' BBQ chicken dinners, theme dinners such as an Hawaiian Luau, the  Cruiser sailors' Low Country Seafood Boil, and  music and dancing under the pavilion.  On quiet Friday nights, we might informally gather in the pavilion to share snacks, roast some marshmallows over the hearth fire and share a sailor's tall tale or a joke or two.

     The Cruiser boats have a Summer Solstice "raft out" where we sail out together, tie off to each other and share a favorite dish and grill whatever we bring as a main dish.

      Join us this September as we  celebrate Oktoberfest

with a live Polka Band.

 Friday nights we have a"pot-luck" dinner in the clubhouse where some of the best cooks in the club bring assorted dishes for everyone to savor.

It's more than just a place to go sailing...

                                        it's a family gathering as well.



There are activities through out the year, but the months of May through September are our busiest. Click the button above to view a PDF version of our calendar. If you are a GMAIL user, you can share our on-line calendar at

Highlights of the 2019 Commodore's Ball

 Commodore Merritt Wichner presiding

Can't or won't go to the Caribbean this year, but would like to be "wasting away in Margaritaville"?  Join us on August 22nd for live music with "Two Old Pirates" and social distance the night away!  Dinner will be served by Pig Eaters with pulled pork and chicken.

Tables will be scattered about the island to social distance.

So sit back, chill with a margarita, enjoy the food, and listen to tunes that take you to Margaritaville!

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      From the Commodore

Our opening day event, that was scheduled for May 9th, has been canceled. It was my hope that this would be a nice kick-off event to both our sailing and social seasons. We had planned, in addition to the normal workday and skippers’ meetings, a local and highly recommended food truck to provide lunch and adult beverages for your enjoyment. We also planned to have several able-bodied individuals available to help step masts and get boats in the water for anyone needing assistance. Sadly, given the moratorium on organizing events for groups exceeding 10 persons, the Trustees felt that we had no choice but to cancel this event. 

We still need to get the club ready for the season but hope to coordinate this job in smaller groups. As always, Jim Kohler will post a list of the jobs that need to be completed  in the clubhouse and the locker room. It is my hope that individual members or families (small groups), as they are at the club in the next few weeks, will take on one or two of the items on the list and scratch them off as they are completed. In this way, we can get the tasks completed while  not infringing on the social distancing policies that are in effect.  Thanks in advance for your help. 

In terms of future events at the club, both social and sailing related,  some have been canceled, and others we are taking it week by week, keeping a keen eye on the Governor’s restrictions. The Inland-20 Spring regatta has been canceled. The decision as to the future social events and the  Jr. Sailing camp, currently not allowed by the restrictions,  will be made as we get closer to their respective dates. 

Club racing is also something that we will keep discussing and decide as to whether/when we can start the season. The current thought is that we can have racing and still comply with the social distancing restrictions. The committee boat and race tender will be splashed very soon. This conversation is ongoing,  stay tuned. 

                                        ~  Commodore Andrew Tudor

The Annual Summer Solstice raft out went beautifully this year due to the added fireworks display graciously provided by  the St. Mary of the Wood annual festival.  Due to the Corona Virus social distancing, everyone brought and ate their own food on their own boats. But that did not spoil the party!

Anchored off Fox Island State Park Beach, the group enjoyed a round of storytelling of "their most memorable moment in life".  Oddly enough, a theme developed.  Just sayin'.... You'll have to ask one of the people in the picture above if you are that curious.

If you are sorry you missed it, you should be!  It was a wonderful time together and the fireworks crowned the evening and topped it off! 

Good food.  Good stories.  Good people.  Good Grief! 

Don't miss it next year!!!

~  Karen and Cynthia