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The Lightning class is one of the largest one-design classes in the world in terms of number of fleets, active class members and regatta participation.  Over 15,200 boats have been built to date. 

 It is a perfect boat for Indian Lake 's wide range of winds and wave conditions.  At only 700 pounds, Lightnings are light enough to trailer and easy to launch.  They are also small enough to be sailed easily with two or three people. The Lightning has a large spinnaker, enabling it to plane downwind in moderate breeze, yet it is very solid feeling and controllable upwind.  Less experienced sailors may find Lightnings more stable and less tipsy than some of the other popular racing classes.  Its stability and forgiving nature in heavy air make it a good family boat.

ILYC currently has a Lightning fleet of six boats and is looking to expand.  There are used Lightnings in the area which fleet captain Jim Young (513 232-6727) would be happy to show you.

A new fully-equipped Lightning with sails and trailer costs about $18,000, but there is an active after-market, with a wide range of good used boats starting at about $2500.  The class website provides more information on the class and has a listing of used boats available all over the country.  Check one out!

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